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This Month in Renewable Energy History: November Edition

Image Credit: Pillswood BESS.

Throughout history, the month of November has witnessed commendable achievements, innovations, and milestones that have left an enduring mark on the renewable energy industry. Let’s journey through time and celebrate some key events.

  • 2022: Europe’s Largest Battery Energy Storage System Comes Online Ahead Of Schedule

Situated in Cottingham, Yorkshire, UK, the £75 million battery energy storage system (BESS) began operations ahead of schedule, being brought forward by four months to mitigate energy shortages before the 2022 Winter season. Developed by Harmony Energy using Tesla’s 2-Hour Megapack System, the Pillswood battery project has the capacity to store 196MWh of electricity in a single cycle which, as stated by Harmony Energy, is enough to power around 300,000 UK homes for a couple of hours.

The Pillswood battery project uses Tesla’s AI software to match energy supply to demand. It was built next to the National Grid’s Creyke Beck substation, which has been connected to the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm - poised to become the world’s largest offshore wind farm off the east coast of Yorkshire.

  • 2018: UK Renewable Energy Capacity Overtakes Fossil Fuels For The First Time

The capacity of renewable energy surpassed that of fossil fuels in the UK for the first time. Between July and September 2018, the capacity of wind, solar, biomass and hydropower reached 41.9GW, exceeding the 41.2 capacity of coal, gas and oil-fired power plants.

According to The Guardian, close to 60% of electricity produced in this period came from low-carbon generation produced by either renewables or nuclear power stations.

Between 2013 and 2018, renewable energy capacity tripled in size, while fossil fuel capacity fell by a third during the same period. In the preceding year, coal capacity declined by a quarter due to the UK’s carbon tax laws and competition from gas.

  • 2012: Approval Granted For The UK’s First Large-Scale Solar Farm

Britain’s then largest solar PV farm, Lark Energy’s Wymeswold Solar Park, was given permission by the Charnwood Borough Council to commence construction of the £35 million site.

Boasting 130,000 Trina Solar panels generating 33MWp, the solar power project was built on the former World War II ‘Wymeswold Airfield’ in Leicestershire, with connection and commissioning completed in April 2013.

Financed by Hazel Capital and covering the equivalent of 87 football pitches, the Wymeswold Solar Park held the title of the UK’s largest solar farm until the 72.2MWp Shotwick Solar Park commenced operations in March 2016.

  • 2003: The UK’s First Commercial Offshore Wind Farm Comes Online

Located in Liverpool Bay in the Irish Sea, the 60MW North Hoyle offshore wind farm began operations in 2003. Each of its 30 offshore wind turbines has a 2MW capacity, making it the most powerful wind farm in the UK at the time of installation.

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