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Get the best price for your PPA in under 15 minutes

We run automated auctions every working day of the week to ensure you get the most value for your Power Purchase Agreement.

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Tell us your PPA target price and we will take care of the rest

For the first time ever, you can access a marketplace that is more competitive than going direct

We tender for your PPA every working day of the year

At PPAYA we track the market, capture price spikes and execute your tenders when the time is just right. Our latest technology ensures no opportunity is missed, on average adding 20% extra value to your contract, compared to basic tendering.

We have a single set of terms across all suppliers

At PPAYA we take care of your administrative burden, tendering process and PPA execution. We have a single set of terms agreed across all suppliers, saving you thousands of pounds on the cost of negotiating multiple contracts.

We get your PPA priced, compared and executed in just 15 minutes

We know time is money, so our latest technology minimises the time between offer and execution, reducing the level of risk premiums you’re charged and maximising the value of your PPA.

Timing is key

In the current volatile market conditions, when you execute is more important than who you execute with. We make sure you capture prices at their peak.

Our continuous auction and management platform focuses on maximising the price of your Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and reducing administrative burden.

PPAYA’s user-friendly software helps you set up your tender and shows you what prices you can expect from suppliers instantly.

PPAYA automatically holds tenders for you everyday, allowing you to track the underlying market power price until you hit your target.