Weekly Market Report 18/03/22

High and volatile oil and gas prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued to strain commodity markets this week and led Europe’s largest energy traders to write to governments and central banks asking them to provide emergency assistance.

Weekly Market Report 11/03/22

Markets were thrown into chaos yet again this week as Russian forces continued their invasion of Ukraine.

Weekly Energy Market Report - Markets Respond as Russian Invasion Escalates

As Russian forces advance further into Ukraine, energy markets have faced some of the biggest disruptions in recent memory - with prices skyrocketing as the crisis continues.

PPAYA and UrbanChain partner up to make renewables better business for generator and corporate clients

PPAYA is delighted to annouce it has partnered with green energy exchange company, UrbanChain, to deliver a groundbreaking peer-to-peer power exchange service to its corporate customers.

What Has Caused The Energy Crisis?

In homes up and down the country to the houses of parliament, the energy crisis is gripping the national agenda - what has caused the crisis?

PPAYA helps farmer secure best ever price for power generated by his anaerobic digester

More and more farmers are diversifying their business and incomes these days, with many choosing to get into anaerobic digestion to produce energy and improve their sustainability credentials.

PPAYA signs up the UK’s largest subsidy-free wind farm to landmark PPA deal

PPAYA has arranged its largest power purchase agreement to date after signing up Crossdykes Wind Farm, the UK’s biggest fully subsidy-free wind farm.

How do we solve the energy crisis?

We’ve been warned for months about a looming ‘winter of discontent’, but now as the weather’s set to get chillier, we know the cost of living crisis - mainly caused by skyrocketing energy bills - is going to hit people…

PPAYA helps Harry to secure high prices for his hydroelectric energy

How can generators get the best price for their PPA?

Traditionally, renewable generators sell their power to suppliers through a marketplace. In this method, potential purchasers submit bids for the tendered PPA at a fixed point in time, the auction date.