PPAYA helps Harry to secure high prices for his hydroelectric energy

Many people who own land that is used for renewable energy generation do not do this as their primary business.

They have lots of demands on their time and keeping a close eye on the energy markets is not usually something they have enough hours in the day to do properly.

It can make it impossible for them to get a decent price for the power they produce because they are at the mercy of suppliers and have to accept what’s offered, with no time to ring around looking for a better deal.

Others have multiple small plants or help manage plants on behalf of other landowners and they too simply cannot negotiate PPAs manually for every plant.

This is certainly the case for Harry Gourlay, who owns several small hydroelectric power plants in the west of Scotland, generating between five and six million kilowatt hours of electricity a year.

He also manages other small green energy projects for clients, and trying to ring round and negotiate contracts for all of these was just too time consuming and Harry knew he was missing out on the best prices for the electricity he and his clients were producing.

Harry said: “The problem I had was the energy market opens at 10am and closes at 4pm, and I was looking after around 30 renewable energy production sites in total. It was impossible to get the best price for all of these by manually ringing round energy suppliers, because it was just too time consuming. Then when the markets closed one day, they would open the next at a different price and I would have to do it all again.”

Realising there must be a better way - Harry came to us.

PPAYA is a bit like Ebay for renewables, using technology to monitor the energy market and match buyers and sellers, it means producers sell power to the perfect buyer at the perfect time, achieving the best possible price.

CEO Kristina Rabecaite guided Harry through the process and thanks to PPAYA, he has been able to secure contracts when prices were high, meaning he has a strong guaranteed return for the length of his contracts.

One of his clients even secured a contract for this winter for an impressive £175 per MWH, up from the £65 per MWH they were getting before.

On average Harry has secured price increases of more than 50% to just over 60% for his power.

“One hundred per cent, I am doing better thanks to PPAYA,” he said, ”It helps me get a good price where before I was having to accept the price offered to me by suppliers rather than hunting out a higher price on the market.”

PPAYA is helping lots of smaller and medium renewable energy generators to get the best possible price for their power thanks to its game-changing automated bidding process.

It means that farmers, landowners and business people can add up to 15% more value to their power purchase agreements because we hold auctions every working day of the year rather than just once a year.

As a result the business of producing renewables is much more sustainable which is good for people like Harry and good for the UK’s zero carbon goals.