PPAYA helps farmer secure best ever price for power generated by his anaerobic digester

An anaerobic digester on a farm

More and more farmers are diversifying their business and incomes these days, with many choosing to get into anaerobic digestion to produce energy and improve their sustainability credentials.

The beauty of AD is that waste products from farms such as slurry and manure, food waste and crop residue are broken down by micro-organisms to produce biogas, which is used to generate renewable power. This cuts greenhouse gas emissions and reduces fossil fuel use.

The issue for many farmers is how do they get the best price for this power when they are so busy with their day jobs and have little energy market expertise?

This is where PPAYA steps in and revolutionises the process for them. Our innovative technology analyses the markets and finds the best prices farmers can sell their power for. It makes arranging a power purchase agreement to lock in that deal at the optimum time quick and easy.

Ian Williams, of Lea Hall Energy Ltd in Shropshire, is one of PPAYA’s recent satisfied customers. The AD plant on his farm produces enough power for around 2,000 homes.

He said: “As an agricultural-based anaerobic digester, we are not experts in the sale of our electricity. We've been involved with several different companies over the past seven years to sell our electric but have found nothing as simple as the platform set up by PPAYA.

“It is very straightforward to use, but not only that, it enables you to sell your power at any opportunity and we are able to achieve a price that would normally seem unachievable.

“It really was as simple as setting a reserve price we were happy with and letting PPAYA do the rest. We have been able to achieve the best price we ever have with Kristina [Rabecaite], which obviously will be a big financial benefit to our company.”

PPAYA was also able to help Ian with complications with his previous PPA, using our expertise to navigate a confusing and difficult situation.

Ian added: “Since signing our first contract with PPAYA we have already signed a second just a few months later and look forward to a successful partnership for many years to come.

“As far as we are concerned the help provided was more than we could've hoped for and we can't say enough good things.”