PPAYA and UrbanChain partner up to make renewables better business for generator and corporate clients

PPAYA is delighted to annouce it has partnered with green energy exchange company, UrbanChain, to deliver a groundbreaking peer-to-peer power exchange service to its corporate customers.

The partnership means that PPAYA is able to negotiate fixed power prices directly between its renewable energy generator customers and businesses that consume energy.

The advantages are that generators do not need to rely on unpredictable wholesale market prices, providing opportunities for them to sell their power at above market rates.

Meanwhile the businesses that use UrbanChain are paying for 100% green power and can be sure that their eco-credentials are genuine while avoiding paying inflated prices on the open market.

Kristina Rabecaite, CEO of PPAYA, said: “I am very happy to announce our partnership with UrbanChain, which will provide our customers with another option for making good margins for the renewable energy they produce.

“This partnership is an important step in helping the UK achieve its net zero ambitions because it means that environmentally-conscious companies can be matched with green power providers and ensure that consumption and production are matched at the click of a button.”

Both PPAYA and UrbanChain are female-founded energy companies which are changing the face of the energy industry through their innovative technology solutions to the age-old problems of volatile prices, time-consuming market tracking and complicated energy procurement.

They share a passion and goal for making renewable energy a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

The partnership between the two companies also reduces the risk for renewable energy generators and corporate consumers alike by matching suitable small/medium generators with small/medium businesses, rather than them relying on one large generator and being at the mercy of wholesale energy market fluctuations.

Dr Somayeh Taheri, CEO of UrbanChain said: “Our peer-to-peer exchange is an alternative market for renewable generators, offering higher margins, stability of price and transparency. I am very pleased with our partnership.

“Working with PPAYA is a strong route for us to get different renewable generators onboarded. We have already been working on a seamless and automated onboarding process by adding the PPAYA platform as the generation engine to our peer-to-peer system.”